COACH E offers 3 modules during the school year and 2 summer camps with 8 sessions each and 1.5-2 hours per session

  • Motor skills coordination through ball handling,
    dribbling, passing, and shooting.
  • Familiarity with and understanding the basic skills.
  • Values: Discipline
  • Synchronization of the four basic basketball skills.
  • Introduction of individual defense through
    incorporating footwork and balance in the routine
    for a total game development.
  • Prepares students for speedy and well-coordinated movements.
  • Values: Hardwork and perseverance
  • Team concepts.
  • Application of skills and principles from earlier modules.
  • Simulated instructional environment.
  • Application of the game rules in an actual game.
  • Values: Teamwork, time management, leadership
    and sportsmanship

Summer is the perfect time to develop healthy habits like engaging in a sport. However, finding the right place to start is crucial. Coach E’s Summer FUN-damental Camp makes sure that campers learn the basketball sport right the first time and have one unforgettable experience. The low coach-student ratio makes the whole camp experience personalized, with more practice time for essential drills that can strengthen their skills and teach them timeless values such as discipline, leadership, teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

Summer FUN-damental Camp is composed of two modules, one in April and another in May with 8 sessions each.

Join Us At Our Summer "Fun-damental" Camp

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