Coach E Basketball School offers you the power to help your children develop the character of champion athletes and bring them closer towards their dreams of basketball greatness. It’s an avenue for them to learn the fundamental and competitive skills needed in the game through an effective personalized approach that achieves the maximum level of development.

Realize Your Full Potential For Basketball With Coach-E

What is nice about Coach E is that players of the same skill level, are grouped together accordingly. This provides an environment of “no pressure” which I feel is good for the confidence of Miguel. There is still competition but it is among “peers.” It is not uncommon for coaches to stop action during scrimmages if only to illustrate proper behavior, respect for teammates and opponents alike.

Leo Nitorreda, Parent of Miguel Nitorreda
Varsity Player for British School Manila

Through Coach E, Mark Gamboa’s (picture on the right) basic basketball skills improved.  His dribbling, passing, and shooting skills were enhanced. The Coaches are very patient in perfecting the skills in terms of breaking down the movements.

Kaye Gamboa, parent of Mark Gamboa,
Varsity and UAAP Jrs. Player for Ateneo de Manila University

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