A Tutorial-Skill Based and Value-Integrated
Basketball Training Program

Coach E is a basketball training program provider that offers extensive laboratory skill-based basketball training program since August 2004. Founded by PBA multi-tilted champion coach,
Eric Altamirano, Coach E’s goal is for the total development of its students in basketball skills and character molding through its dynamic, value-oriented and skill-based progressive training programs. Coach E aims to increase awareness and appreciation of basketball as a sport in its students and inspire them to have a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Our Vision
To raise the standards of basketball in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific region through holistic, value and skill-based training programs geared towards the development of a total person on and off the court.


Coach E is the only personalized basketball school in Asia! Coach E Basketball School has the lowest coach-to-student ratio among all basketball clinics to ensure a personalized, quality scientific sports training for each of its students.

In Coach E, students first undergo a skills testing to determine their performance level and are grouped together according to skill level. This makes sure that each aspiring basketball player is given maximum attention, quality instruction, and ample opportunity for repetition drills.

Students are also grouped according to age divisions:

  • Li’l ones (4 to 7 years old)
  • Rookies (8 to 11 years old)
  • All-Stars (12 to 16 years old)
  • With over 60 highly trained professional coaches on board, Coach E exemplifies an excellent way to teach the game.

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    Coach E Basketball School offers you the power to help your children develop the character of champion athletes and bring them closer towards their dreams of basketball greatness.

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